Compliance Taafi

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Taafi (pronounced toffee) - SQL Server-base database application for compliance management

Taafi gets it's name from the five primary compliance entities:

Tasks - Recurring tasks based off of a hierarchical compliance model.
Audits - Audits performed as part of the regulatory process.
Actions - Actions scheduled or performed to address compliance issue.
Findings - Findings are the result of audits. This is documenting problems that need to be addressed.
Issues - Compliance Issues that need to be addressed to maintain compliance. These differ from tasks in that tasks are generally recurring and all tasks or associated with a compliance requirement in the compliance model. Issues are independent from the compliance model.

Taafi also includes document management, but the 'D' just didn't seem to fit! The compliance model along with our tool TAAFI emphasizes prevention as the key element to improve compliance, reduce costs and empower personnel.

Compliance Knowledge Base -- Create a knowledge base of commonly used content for security plans, security tests, risk assessments, vulnerabilities, and other data objects.  Save time by reusing content on multiple security plans. 

Hosting and Installation

Taafi is available as a cloud hosted web application, customer-hosted web application, Windows client desktop application, or any combination of the three.

Cloud Hosted Web Application

You don't need to download or install anything. You can sign up for our cloud hosted web application with just a annual per-user fee (with storage). We manage everything for you. You can use our shared service or have dedicated resources in Microsoft Azure.

Customer Hosted Web Application

You can host our web site and database in your on-premises windows servers using your own Microsoft SQL Server licenses.

Windows Desktop Application

Get the convenient user interface and security of a Windows desktop application using the Taafi Windows client. Host your SQL Server database locally, on-premises at yoru data center, or in Microsoft Azure.

Free Windows Desktop Application

Use our Windows desktop application free with Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (free from Microsoft). There are no other limitations other than the SQL Server database edition.

Features Include:

Compliance Model -- Unique to Compliance Navigator is the powerful compliance modeling capability. Visualize compliance by building and distributing hierarchical models that show the structure of compliance activities and their requirements pertaining to regulations, standards, permits, and procedures.  Build the model using the Model Builder reflecting your compliance area of expertise.  Swap or sell models with consultants, clients, or customers. Embed document in the model.  Incorporate the model in the Compliance Navigator database to schedule recurring tasks from model requirements.

Task Management -- Full task management capabilities are available for scheduling, assigning, tracking, and completing tasks. View tasks by model hierarchy, calendar, or role.

Issue Tracking -- Issue tracker provides convenient management of compliance problems and solutions without the recurrence patterns of tasks. Multiple corrective actions can be associated with individual issues. Monitor corrective actions independently or in association with task management or auditing.

Audit Findings and Recommendations -- Conduct audits against requirements in the model. Full audit capabilities are available to track audit findings and recommendations and generate audit reports. 

Document Management with Version Control -- Taafi features robust document management capabilities. Users can attach multiple versions of key compliance documents (spreadsheet, PDF, word processing, images, databases, video, PowerPoint® presentations, web pages) to data objects such as model topics and requirements, tasks, audit findings, issues. Link to external document files or embed them in the database for complete version control in a workgroup environment.

Document management provides an ideal way to maintain forms, plans, policies, procedures, checklists, boilerplates, templates related to compliance activities. The version control system provides check-in, check-out, and revision history controls to access documents.

User-Management -- For each database you use, you will add users who can log in to the database, and you will set permission settings for what each user can view or edit.  Users are assigned to roles which controls access to each of the five Taafi entities.


  • Manufacturing (QS 9000, PAPP, FMEA, Control Plans, Six Sigma)
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals (FDA, GMP, HIPAA, JCAHO, Validation, Drug Development and Testing)
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EPA, OSHA, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Financial and Insurance (FDIC, SEC, FRB, OCC, OFAC)
  • Auditing and Consulting (Accountants, EHS Consultants, Quality Consultants)
  • Management of Internal Policies and Procedures
  • U.S. Department of Defense (C4ISP, DITSCAP, JFMIP)


  • Models visually depict relationships of compliance activities throughout an organization
  • Compliance models become a knowledge base for all to share
  • Maintain compliance during restructuring and personnel changes
  • Document compliance history
  • Monitor and measure compliance performance
  • Provide a framework for ISO 9000 and 14001