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Environmental Data Management System

The Data Management and Reporting Solution
for Air, Soil, Surface Water, Ground Water, Ash, Sludge, Bio-Tissue Analysis Data
New updates for 2023!
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ChemPoint Professional Edition 

ChemPoint Standard Features

New version now available featuring improved data importing with direct import support for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, tab-delimited text, and any ADO/OLE DB compliance database.

ChemPoint and ChemStat are the value leaders for environmental data management and statistical analysis software. Customers include individuals, corporations, governments, and academic institutions around the world. Because of a unique combination of power, flexibility, ease-of-use, and quick up-time, ChemPoint and ChemStat are the market leaders for small to mid-size environmental consulting firms. With ChemPoint Professional, the programs are rapidly gaining acceptance in high-end consulting companies, regularly beating the competition in head-to-head comparisons. See for yourself. Free 90-day trial versions are available. Programs feature comprehensive documentation including screen animations for training, with free technical support and no annual or per-facility fees.

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ChemPoint Screen Shots
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tree.gif (27278 bytes) ChemPoint organizes data entry and reporting into seven different views.  The facility data tree shows all data objects and their relationships.
event.gif (27769 bytes) Setting up a sampling event has been greatly simplified.   Simply drag parameters or parameter groups from the upper window pane, and drop them onto the desired sampling location in the lower pane.  (This replaces the "Copy Groups to Results" screen in ChemPoint 3.0).
post.gif (28549 bytes) ChemPoint uses a spreadsheet style interface to enter parameter concentrations (this replaces the "Finalize Results" screen in ChemPoint 3.0).
report.gif (25413 bytes) A full featured reporter is integrated into ChemPoint.   Included are 9 basic report formats that you can customize.
welldia.gif (28653 bytes) Create professional quality well construction diagrams with the integrated diagrammer.  Diagrams are highly customizable, and are drawn based on settings for each well.  Create diagrams for piezometers, monitoring wells, screened pumping wells, and open hole pumping wells.

The easiest way to organize all of your existing data into a single structured format

No Per-Facility Fees!