Aquifer Test Analysis Software

"This software is great! We plan to buy another seat,
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options are fast and easy to use."

The First Commercial Aquifer Testing Software for Windows

Windows 11 Compatible Environmental Software The latest versions of all Starpoint Software applications run on Windows 8/10/11
Since the first version of Infinite Extent in March, 1994,with each new release, Starpoint Software has raised the standard for aquifer testing applications with such great features as:
  • Easy to use Windows interface with context sensitive on-line help
  • Drag-and-drop type curve matching
  • Extensive ability to exclude data with on-screen buttons
  • Importing most manufacturers' data logger files without prior editing
  • Extensive resistance to program crashes from unusual data sets
  • Automatically adjusting slug-test data for maximum displacement at time = 0
  • Displaying calculations in moveable and customizable text boxes
  • Instantaneous type curve display
  • Copy graphs to clipboard or save as a bitmap

Features Common to All Three Programs:

  • Display graphs in any language*
  • Multiple fonts for all graphs
  • Many calculations displayed in customizable, moveable text boxes
  • Consistent user interface between all programs
  • Improved display of results for Automatic Parameter Estimation (with multiple fonts)
  • Export reports to tab-delimited files or rich-text format
  • Print and Print Preview with choice of headers and footers
  • Drag-and-drop type curve matching
  • Up to 2000 time and drawdown values
  • In addition to the wide variety of pre-defined units, user-defined units for transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, and discharge rate are now supported.
  • Extensive choice of symbols for both included and excluded data display
  • Customizable graph axes; specify maximum values and tick mark spacing
Infinite Extent: Aquifer Pumping Test Analysis
Constant rate pumping test analysis software includes Theis, Hantush, Walton, Neuman, Huisman, Thiem, Specific Capacity, Distance-Drawdown, Theis Recovery, and Hantush Modified Theis for Partial Penetration. Radius of influence calculator, steady-state drawdown calculator, and well yield calculator.
StepMaster: Aquifer Step-Drawdown Pumping Test Analysis
Includes Birsoy-Summers, Eden-Hazel, and Hantush-Bierschenk. Calculate aquifer transmissivity and storativity, for step-drawdown and recovery tests.
Super Slug: Aquifer Slug Test Analysis
Includes Bouwer and Rice, Hvorslev, Cooper, Bredehoeft, Papadopulos, and Ferris & Knowles. Easily exclude unwanted data points from analysis. Drag-and-drop type curve matching, highly customizable graphs.